Counselling can be an effective way of making steps to overcome overwhelming problems and concerns. As well as this, evidence suggests that counselling can improve difficulties such as stress, anxiety and depression. (NHS Choices 2017)best-word-cloud

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a problem or want to understand something you are experiencing, coming to counselling with me will offer you an opportunity to explore and gain clarity. Added benefits can include increased  happiness, self worth and emotional wellbeing.

What to expect…

In the first session, I will provide you with a gentle and confidential space and help you to express whatever  brings you to counselling. I understand that it can be daunting meeting someone for the first time and I aim to make this a supportive and compassionate experience. It will also give you a chance to see if you feel comfortable with me.

During our first session I will also provide you with some information about the way I work and seek to answer any questions you have regarding counselling with me. I will provide you with information to take home with you, helping you make an informed decision about working with me.

Moving forward, I will provide you with a regular space to reflect and explore. I believe that we are all unique and individual and my counselling approach reflects this. I listen very carefully to what you want from counselling and input different parts of many popular and well researched methods to help you to gain understanding.

Some of us come to counselling to reflect and explore, some of us want to make changes and apply strategies, others need a combination of both. Some of us like a gentle space, just to experience being listened to, others want to be challenged in order to gain understanding. The combinations are plentiful and changeable and I strive to be sensitive to this.

The easiest way for me to explain counselling, its benefits and the way I work is to speak with you in person… so give me a call and I will do my best to answer any questions 🙂