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πŸ™‚ I was referred to Lucy through work for work based stress. Lucy structured the sessions very well and I was able to gain a better understanding of why things were getting to me so much. When I had a crisis at work, Lucy was able to see me quickly to debrief and put what happened into perspective. I am still at work and now have tools and greater self awareness to prevent problems overwhelming me. Lucy is professional but very welcoming and calm and I felt at ease talking to her. I would recommend. Thank you Lucy (F Oct 2018)

πŸ™‚ β€œIt had taken me a very long time to pluck up the courage to seek help for how I was feeling, but I am so glad I finally did. I had never been to a counselling session before and so did not know what to expect, however Lucy made me feel at ease right away. I have just completed my 6th and final session with her and feel like a new person. When I first met Lucy, I had been suffering with anxiety and low mood for sometime and was struggling to cope. In the time I have spent with Lucy, she has given me the tools to be able to cope again and in doing so I am feeling much more positive, am back to work, and feeling as close to β€˜normal’ as I have in a long time. Lucy is kind, empathetic and easy to talk to. I would 100% recommend her to anyone needing help! Thank you Lucy :)” (F Nov 2017)

πŸ™‚ β€œI came to Lucy after feeling a tangled mess of emotions, low mood, stress and anxiety. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was and knew that I needed help but didn’t know how to ask for it. Lucy has helped me understand the help I needed and how to unravel my emotions and deal with them accordingly, she is a wonderful person with a caring nature and is very professional and easy to talk with. I would highly recommend Lucy.” (F January 2018 – 6 sessions)

πŸ™‚ “Lucy held my hand and helped me find the strength within myself to overcome a difficulty in my life. She was my saviour.” (F November 2017 – 6 sessions)

πŸ™‚ “It took a lot for me to pick up the phone after I needed help, Lucy was brilliant. After having 8 sessions with her I am in a far better place and more relaxed. Lucy does not judge and will listen and then help with the solution.” (M October 2017)

πŸ™‚ “I had never attended counselling before but I have found these therapy sessions so helpful and would not hesitate to recommend Lucy to others.”

πŸ™‚ “Lucy was very kind and supportive, not judgmental in any way. I felt she cared about my wellbeing, I wish I could have seen her years ago.”

πŸ™‚ “Lucy is non-judgmental and empathetic and allowed me to be totally honest, I would definitely recommend Lucy as a counsellor.”

πŸ™‚ “Seeing Lucy has given me hope that I can do something about my anxieties and beginning to understand them has made me feel much calmer.”