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Choosing a therapist can be daunting and confusing. I anonymously publish all of my reviews to help you feel confident that I am the right person to help you. 

🙂 I was initially apprehensive about visiting a counsellor and had spent months debating whether is was a good or worthwhile experience. However after a series of low moments I took the step to call Lucy. After Google searching ‘counsellors in Plymouth’ and reading many other bio’s I found Lucy’s website and immediately felt she would be someone who could help.. A few weeks later we had our first appointment. Lucy quickly created an open and relaxed environment, this mixed with her kind, caring intellect and her grasp of human emotions / behaviour made the appointments a great space to be truly open. Our appointments have ultimately resulted in Lucy providing me the day to day mechanisms to work through the issues that I was experiencing. I couldn’t recommend Lucy highly enough. (m March 2022)

🙂 I saw Lucy for 10 months, starting weekly then moving to fortnightly and then monthly. I couldn’t recommend Lucy enough – she has really helped me work through my struggles with trauma and depression to the extent where I feel like myself again and I am ready to take on the ups and downs of life. Lucy is very professional, empathetic and has given me a better understanding of how to manage my mental health. Thank you Lucy! (she/her 2022)

🙂 I have been having sessions with Lucy for over a year. She is a brilliant counsellor. I have felt comfortable talking to her about anything without any concerns over being judged. Her feedback/suggestions are done in an empathetic way which has really helped me to understand my own brain and what is going on. I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life and with her help I feel like I am getting to a space where I am living my life and managing things really well.      (female client 12/05/21)

🙂 Lucy provided a safe, relaxed atmosphere and I found her very easy to talk to. She really listened to my concerns and picked out the salient points, even when I seemed to be jumping from one thought to another.
Struggling with negativity and frustration following a long drawn out divorce, Lucy taught me how to acknowledge and then challenge, rather than entertain, my negative feelings. This has led to a return of confidence and happiness which I never expected to experience again.
Challenging situations will always arise but I have strategies in place to deal with them. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am now looking forward to my new life.
Thank you Lucy.       (female client 26/04/21)

🙂 I have found working with Lucy very helpful I suffer with anxiety and she has worked with me and advised me on different coping mechanisms regarding this. She is understanding and has a caring persona. (f Feb 2021)

🙂 When I first met with Lucy I was at the beginning of my own journey to become a counsellor. I was curious to build on my self awareness but was also aware that my low self esteem was negating my ability to move forward in life. I had seen a few counsellors prior to meeting with Lucy but found their remoteness or lack of appropriate boundaries offputting. I have now been with Lucy for the past two years and see our work together supportive of a long term process. During this time Lucy has shown me that she has the experience and self assurance to bring herself to the counselling relationship, connecting with me on an authentic and human level. This has been instrumental in supporting me to trust and navigate the therapeutic process. Lucy’s insightfulness is matched by her warmth and ability to empathise, which has promoted a therapeutic relationship of exploration and security. Lucy has encouraged my feedback and shown great attentiveness in adapting her work towards my individual needs. She has kept me informed and supported me to manage breaks in our regular sessions demonstrating to me that she is committed to the wellbeing of her clients. When we have worked at depth with challenging or projected material Lucy has proven her competence by holding space (presence/non judgement) and offering consistency. I am so happy to have found a counsellor like Lucy and she has been a great inspiration to me. I have grown during my time with her and I am opening up to a deeper acceptance of myself. (F Feb 2021)

🙂 I have just completed my last session of 6 with Lucy. Having had mental health challenges before and Lucy helping me, I had no hesitation in going back. Prior to my first set of sessions I had reached such a low that taking my own life was literally a few seconds away. I find it very difficult to self analyse my thoughts and feelings and identify how and why I had ended up in this state. She was able to draw out all those issues and explained how and why I felt so low and formulated a coping strategy. Unfortunately I again felt low but due to our previous sessions was able to manage far better. She again helped me understand how changes in circumstances has caused me to lose some personal identity and self esteem and we worked through it all. I cannot praise and thank Lucy enough. I feel certain that without her patience, understanding and guidance, it is likely I wouldn’t be here now. Remember, you need to take the first step yourself. (M Jan 2021)

🙂 I have worked with Lucy for around 3 years to help with overcoming my anxiety and her techniques have helped a huge amount! She’s also incredibly friendly which helps to put you at ease straight away. (F Jan 2021)

🙂 I started seeing Lucy after being bullied out of my job which also brought up a lot of childhood issues that I had to come to terms with. In addition to supporting me with these issues Lucy has also supported me with trying to find long lost family. She has helped me to build my confidence, resilience and coping skills as well as my self-parenting skills, something I will be able to take with me through life. She has also helped me to see unhealthy links that I had developed in my childhood which have affected my adulthood so that in future I will be more aware of these situations and therefore able to avoid them while helping me to grow and develop as a healthy human being, that I now feel stronger and more able to face life’s difficulties. Thank you Lucy! (F Oct 2020)

🙂 Lucy has been my counsellor for 11 months now and my mental health has significantly improved with her help. From helping me process long un-dealt with memories, to tackling present day life events and even helping me get control of the basics again; eating, sleeping etc.
The best counsellor I have ever worked with 🙂 (they/them Sept 2020)

🙂 I came to Lucy after experiencing a delayed bereavement reaction after losing my Dad to a 5 year cancer battle. I have now finished 12 months of counselling with Lucy and I cannot sing her praises enough. Before I started going to my sessions with Lucy, I was so scared and it felt very daunting knowing I would have to talk openly with a stranger but Lucy was approachable, willing to listen and so vital in helping me process my thoughts and emotions. Lucy helped me uncover layers of stress, anxiety and depression that came with my Dad’s cancer battle and the trauma of losing him to it, amongst other things that happened throughout the same period of time. Not only did Lucy help me through my struggles, she has equipped me to move forward with my life. I highly recommend Lucy to anybody who needs a helping hand, whatever the problem may be, she is on hand to listen and help. (F Jan 2020)

🙂 Thank you Lucy for the 6 sessions that helped me when I was at breaking point. I felt comfortable straight away with you and found you to be very professional . The sessions were so helpful and really informative. With your guidance each session helped me to put in place new strategy’s and ideas which were then reviewed at the next session. By the end of session 6 I realised how far I had travelled and now I have tools that I can use for life. I firmly believe If it hadn’t been for your expert guidance I would not have been able to continue to go into work everyday. I would therefore highly recommend your services . (F Oct 2019)

🙂 I came to Lucy following what I can probably only describe as a breakdown. I was suffering from stress, burnout and depression, my work load was becoming unmanageable, I was a new father and finding it difficult to reconcile my new life with my old one. It was all looking a little bleak.Through the initial sessions with Lucy she helped to me to identify the specific causes of my suffering, breaking down the bigger issues of work and fatherhood and getting to the root causes of why I was finding it so tough. This exploration was a revelation and a bit of light bulb moment which Lucy helped me to move forward with and develop tools to help deal with them when they come up in future. From the very first session Lucy made me feel at ease and open, able to talk about anything safe in the knowledge that I was listened to without any hint of judgment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy as a therapist and although in a much better place now I will most certainly be continuing my sessions with Lucy in to the future. I take regular exercise for my physical health, why wouldn’t I do the same for my mental health? (M Sept 2019)

🙂 Lucy is an excellent listener and does not judge in any way. She deals with things in an optimistic manner and will offer realistic words to summarise how a situation is told to her, in a way that is easily understood. She is extremely approachable and there are no uneasy moments when you are sat with a ‘stranger’ about to offload personal, sensitive feelings/situations. She is just lovely!
(F August 2019)

🙂 I spent several sessions with Lucy working on emotional trauma and discussing my concerns over weight gain and very low self esteem. Lucy provides a safe and secure environment and is very easy to talk to. Over my sessions she assisted me to gain real insights into my feelings and helped me to understand my emotions better. Thank you Lucy.                      (M August 2019)

🙂 My work with Lucy gave me the tools I needed for day to day living in the wake of grief. She helped me realise that I had worked my grief and dissatisfaction with work into an insurmountable hill. Lucy gave me the strength to recognise the waves of grief, and taught me that it was ok to feel it all. After my sessions I was able to reflect and keep my head above water and I now have the knowledge that I can cope with the tools afforded to me. Lucy provides a safe space for all emotion and I would recommend her to all in need. (F May 2019)

🙂 My journey with Lucy has been really helpful and I now feel equipped to move forward in a positive way. I started off not knowing where to start and Lucy helped guide me in a constructive and helpful way to work through my feelings and emotions. I would defiantly recommend Lucy’s service and should the need arise, I would be in contact again. Thank you Lucy. (F Feb 2019)

🙂 Lucy’s sessions are giving me the strength to hopefully return to some sort of normality in my life with the sudden loss of my husband I am very grateful for her sessions many thanks. Lucy also really helped me to sort out whether I wanted my job and how to deal with my manager and cope with things at work. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone. (F Jan 2019)

🙂 I have just finished 12 months therapy with Lucy and want to tell anyone who is the slightest bit hesitant about therapy in general to be reassured that it can change your life for the better.
My particular story maybe quite familiar and involved Mother child attachment issues, Domestic violence, some physical abuse and a total lack of self-worth but a huge amount of self-loathing and underlying insecurities.
It had taken me years , nearly the loss of my job and marriage before I knew I had to talk to a professional. I was receiving medication for mild depression but as soon as I started therapy with Lucy I knew that ‘talking’ was the answer to unlocking all the misconceptions I held about why I was like I was.
Lucy made me feel totally at ease and never forced the information from me ,some weeks I couldn’t open up, other weeks I didn’t want the session to end but either way Lucy made me feel empowered and worthy to be there.
It isn’t all good news! Divulging close held secrets and pain comes at a cost and I sometimes felt worse after a session but believe me this slowly dissipates.
Lucy always made a point of ensuring I was ok and I could contact her if need be.
I have never had therapy before, how can I compare Lucy to another therapist, I can’t?
What I can say is that the last twelve months of my life spent with Lucy have made me realise I should have done this 30 years ago.
I cannot recommend Lucy Gordon enough to those of you who are thinking of Counselling or Therapy. She has a wonderful, genuine and sympathetic approach to her role, and I will surely miss our Weekly sessions (M Jan 2019)

🙂 I was referred through an employee assistance programme.
I was semi sceptical about the possible benefit from counselling, however I felt it was worth a go. I am really glad I did. Over 5 sessions I feel Lucy guided me to make me realise a number of things that I can positively change. It’s not been a magic wand, however it has provided me with a fresh perspective and direction. Thank you Lucy (M Dec 2018)

🙂 I was referred to Lucy through work for work based stress. Lucy structured the sessions very well and I was able to gain a better understanding of why things were getting to me so much. When I had a crisis at work, Lucy was able to see me quickly to debrief and put what happened into perspective. I am still at work and now have tools and greater self awareness to prevent problems overwhelming me. Lucy is professional but very welcoming and calm and I felt at ease talking to her. I would recommend. Thank you Lucy. (F Oct 2018)

🙂 I had a traumatic childhood which I bottled up for years and which has impacted on my personal relationships. Having reached boiling point I knew it was time to seek help. I could not have chosen a better person to have told my story to. I now feel that the book is closed on those dark days and a new chapter has begun. Lucy has been very professional in every aspect of dealing with my scarred past and I have no reservations in recommending her services.  (M April 2018)

🙂 “I came to Lucy after feeling a tangled mess of emotions, low mood, stress and anxiety. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was and knew that I needed help but didn’t know how to ask for it. Lucy has helped me understand the help I needed and how to unravel my emotions and deal with them accordingly, she is a wonderful person with a caring nature and is very professional and easy to talk with. I would highly recommend Lucy.” (F January 2018 )

🙂 It had taken me a very long time to pluck up the courage to seek help for how I was feeling, but I am so glad I finally did. I had never been to a counselling session before and so did not know what to expect, however Lucy made me feel at ease right away. I have just completed my 6th and final session with her and feel like a new person. When I first met Lucy, I had been suffering with anxiety and low mood for sometime and was struggling to cope. In the time I have spent with Lucy, she has given me the tools to be able to cope again and in doing so I am feeling much more positive, am back to work, and feeling as close to ‘normal’ as I have in a long time. Lucy is kind, empathetic and easy to talk to. I would 100% recommend her to anyone needing help! Thank you Lucy  (F Nov 2017)

🙂 Lucy held my hand and helped me find the strength within myself to overcome a difficulty in my life. She was my saviour. (F November 2017)

🙂 It took a lot for me to pick up the phone after I needed help, Lucy was brilliant. After having 8 sessions with her I am in a far better place and more relaxed. Lucy does not judge and will listen and then help with the  solution. (M October 2017)

🙂 I had never attended counselling before but I have found these therapy sessions so helpful and would not hesitate to recommend Lucy to others.    (F June 2017)

🙂 Lucy was very kind and supportive, not judgmental in any way. I felt she cared about my wellbeing, I wish I could have seen her years ago.                 (F March 2017)

🙂 Lucy is non-judgmental and empathetic and allowed me to be totally honest, I would definitely recommend Lucy as a counsellor. (F Oct 2016)

🙂 Seeing Lucy has given me hope that I can do something about my anxieties and beginning to understand them has made me feel much calmer. (F Sept 2016)